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Chapter 1923 – They Aren’t Ordinary People scorch wine
At about 12 pm, K mailed a message to Gu Ning, praoclaiming that the 2 individuals segregated from the other people and traveled to a house in the selected dwelling obstruct as soon as they remaining the clubhouse.
“Nothing, I’ll just get more information information about them,” said Gu Ning, then extra, “Don’t notify anyone in regards to what taken place this evening. From now on, you must also be careful not to face the 2 main folks scenario they get vengeance.”
K then told Gu Ning the amount and home address of your home.
They realized Gu Ning was as powerful as she was courageous, therefore it wasn’t possible for someone to bully her.
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Once K obtained her meaning, he replied in it having a favorable answer.
Jiang Dina was obviously reluctant to do that, so she didn’t move at once. With convinced that she simply had to apologize to Gu Ning in her knees, she felt utterly humiliated. She couldn’t tell herself to acheive it.
After Gu Ning and her friends ended up ended up, Jiang Dina sank to the floor. She couldn’t hold out to wipe out Gu Ning to take out the humiliation she got sustained now.
Gu Ning witnessed the video on Tang Jiakai’s cellphone, then needed a screenshot of these two ninjas and delivered it to her own phone.
“Not bad,” stated Gu Ning using a look.
Jiang Dina was obviously resistant to achieve that, so she didn’t switch right away. Following believing that she needed to apologize to Gu Ning on the knee joints, she observed utterly humiliated. She couldn’t persuade herself to do it.
Just after getting away from the auto near the dwelling stop, Gu Ning walked to the side of this, then moved upright on the inside through the nearby retaining wall. She warded off the security surveillance cameras whenever you can and went towards her location.
It wasn’t because Gu Ning was cold-blooded and aimed to humiliate her, but for the reason that Jiang Dina requested it themselves. She attempted to cause Gu Ning issues, so there was no reason at all for Gu Ning to forgive her.
Gu Ning mailed K the image and explained to him the tackle of the organization. She told K to get into within the security camcorders to view the spot that the 2 people went later.
“Gu Ning, been a long-term though. How’s anything moving inside the Investment capital College?” asked Gao Chengyun with concern.
“Jiakai, would you deliver me the video you merely needed?” Gu Ning mentioned once they were actually far away from the martial skill golf club.
After that, Gu Ning remaining with Cao Wenxi and Tang Jiakai.
And then, Gu Ning still left with Cao Wenxi and Tang Jiakai.

Following under-going the conquer, Jiang Dina and her pals have been in no disposition to obtain enjoyment right now, hence they left likewise.
Gu Ning seen the recording on Tang Jiakai’s cellphone, then needed a screenshot of the two ninjas and sent it to her very own cellphone.
Just after going through the conquer, Jiang Dina and her associates ended up in no ambiance to obtain pleasurable nowadays, so that they left behind as well.
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“What?” Seeing and hearing that, Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxi were definitely surprised.
Experiencing Gu Ning, every person welcomed her using a grin.
In your home, both ninjas were awaken, writing about some thing inside the study. Even so, because of the long distance, Gu Ning couldn’t pick up anything they have been indicating.
“Jiakai, can you give me the recording you may needed?” Gu Ning said when they were definitely far away from the martial skill club.
Inside the house, the two ninjas were alert, discussing anything within the study. On the other hand, as a result of long distance, Gu Ning couldn’t listen to the things they were actually expressing.
Gu Ning forwarded K the picture and advised him the tackle on the club. She informed K to get into in to the security surveillance cameras to determine the location where the a couple journeyed afterwards.
Nevertheless, it was subsequently merely a imagine, and she wasn’t certain of it.
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“Sure,” mentioned Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxi by using a critical term. They understood how powerful these two individuals were. If they really jogged into them, they might be in a lot of risk as long as they were definitely assaulted.
“Sure.” Tang Jiakai presented his cellphone to Gu Ning simultaneously, then reported with excitement, “Ningning, you are really unbelievable. I will see the two different people are certainly skilled, and you overcome two of them all on your own. I actually feel blessed we didn’t join in the fit, normally I could have been beaten in just a subsequent!”
Immediately after experiencing the conquer, Jiang Dina and her close friends were actually in no frame of mind to have fun right now, so they still left too.
Gu Ning recognized that her danger would only annoy Jiang Dina, however it wouldn’t be her error if Jiang Dina wouldn’t stop triggering her difficulty following she aware her.
She made a decision to follow them, but she couldn’t abandon at the moment, so she requested K to make it happen with the aid of the monitoring video cameras.
K then instructed Gu Ning the number and tackle of the home.

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